Finally, become an Instagram Rockstar...
…by adding 1000s of  followers to your account  with our proven tactics, guaranteed.
Finally, Become an instagram rockstar.. adding 1000s of followers with our proven tactics, guaranteed
The Best Proven Instagram growth  program. That Adds AT LEAST 750+ REAL Followers to Your Instagram account… Per Month. 

Bodybuilding .link

"Wongram took my account from 40k to 53k in under 6 months. They kept pushing us to post more content, and try new hashtags, and it turned out to help!"

Circle men's fashion

"We get so many promo offers now. Wongram's targeting method is incredible.  I use this for all 5 of my niche pages."


"The quality of followers we're getting now is invaluable. We may not have 500k+ followers. But our followers spend money. We also get sponsored post offers alot now"

BOQA Sunglasses

"Working with Wongram is easy. They know what they're doing. I've used this type of service before with another company and it was a nightmare."
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Raising your follower count can change everything about your online marketing results, but how do you know Wongram is right for you?
Are you tired of  "guru " tactics
that do nothing?
Have you tried other tactics in the past with little or no gains in your followers counts?

Do you want to be the centre of attention in your industry?

Does you need more people to see your restaurant/or up and coming brand?

Do you need more followers to get your favorite brands to sponsor you?

Are you an artist/photographer looking to showcase your work to the masses?
If your answer to any of these questions is yes, Wongram's influencer fast track could be
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If you sign up you join our growing community of hundreds, you'll see we treat you like a member of the team, not just another account.

We get asked over and over again. What separates us from companies offering the same service? It’s simple, we put our customers first. If you ever have a question or a concern, you can get a hold of us in minutes thru our live chat. 

Rest assured, we are so committed to offering quick customer service that after office hours, any message sent to our live chat will go straight to an employee's phone app, and we will respond to you within minutes.

We also wont be outdone in the pricing department either, our pricing is among the best for our high quality growth.
How Does It Work?

User Targeting

We laser target the exact audience you want. For Example, If you sell skater shoes you might want to target brands like vans or Nike etc. Our goal is to find you buyers that will LOVE what you offer.

Follow Targeted Users

We follow the followers of your targeted accounts on your behalf… think of it as a digital handshake. A TON of people are going to follow you back when they see you post killer content that they’re interested in.

Daily Growth Optimization

We continue to monitor your accounts daily, setting up filters to prevent you from getting bot followers, and to keep an eye on when it’s time to target more accounts. On top of all this, we'll send you monthly reports on your progress.

Here's Exactly What You Get ...
Target all our your competitor accounts followers
Around the clock automated growth
Target any city, any area you need to
Target the most relevant hashtags
You'll receive bi-weekly follower growth reports
Because automated customer support is just dumb 🤷
24/7 Growth
Around the clock automated Growth
Unlimited Account Targeting
Target all of your competitors followers
Location Targeting
Target any city, area you need to
Hashtag Targeting
Target the most relevant hashtags
Growth Reports
Bi-weekly follower growth reports
Human support
Because automated customer support is just dumb  🤷
1 Killer Bonus Completely Free of Charge Today!
Along with the Influencer fast track plan to help build your followers, we also throw in an invaluable bonus. This bonus is designed to expand your reach and amplify your results, and each bonus offers its own advantages.
You've heard it a million times.
Hashtags increase your instagram posts reach, and engagement.
But did you know reposting the same hashtags every single time isn't the best strategy?
It's the #1 common mistake ALL instagram marketers make with hashtags.... Enter Hashtag rotation. 
We'll research and document 150 of the most relevant hashtags for your specific account. Simply copy and paste 30 different hashtags each time you post, and watch the engagement increase! 

 We got more tricks up our sleeve's... you'll have to sign up to find out!
Case Studies
A successful sunglass shop, we helped their instagram get off to a good start. Within 5 weeks of us taking over there instagram growth we got them up to 2480+ followers and counting.  Just by our strategy, and posting regularly, they have been able to get sales directly from instagram. Without Ads.

BODYBUILDING.LINK is a niche Instagram page with over 53 000 followers. They are now making up to 350$ a day selling Shout out's and promo's. Our work growing the page has led them to able to charge 50% more per post. They get multiple requests per day for PAID features.

A successful eCommerce brand, Gentlemanfair uses Instagram with a less common approach. They post content to build a community followers. Never posting sales and promo, they strictly use Instagram for the goal of email sign ups. We've gotten they're following well over 19k over 6 months.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can i get a free trial?
Yes, every new account starts with a 14-day free trial.
Can I cancel anytime?
Yes, cancel anytime, no strings attached. No BS cancellation fees.

Can I target by location?
Yes, we can target by city, region etc. This targeting method is ideal for local restaurants and local service business.

How do you target follower's ?
You give us a list of followers who you think will be a good fit for your product/service/brand/etc. For example: If you run a shoe blog, you might want to target Nike or Adidas.
Are the followers going to be real?
Yes, we encourage you to look at your followers’ profiles to confirm. This is the main reason we offer a free 14 day trial. Bot followers are easy to spot. Usually, they have no profile pics or it’s very un-personalized, a strange username with numbers in it, little to no posts, etc.

How many followers will i get?
There is no set #. It depends on factors like your industry, the content you post, and your targeting. Note: the first month is a bit slower because we ease into our process to keep your account totally safe. It’s also why we offer a free 14-day trial.
With that being said after month 1 and beyond its not uncommon for accounts to gain 1200-3000 followers per month or more.
Can i get a discount on multiple accounts?
Yup, shoot us a message in chat or by email and we’ll work out a good price for you.

What can i expect from your customer service team?
We aim to respond to all emails as fast as possible. Usually within an hour. Live chat is within minutes.

If you use the influencer fast track for 60 days (after the free trial) and honestly feel that it failed to deliver on anything we promised you on this page, we will give you a complete refund. Just send us an email with nothing more than ‘refund request’ in the subject line and we’ll refund the entire cost, as simple as that.
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